Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wind howling in the winter season, there is nothing more than put a down jacket to keep warm the more comfortable. If you still think that only ordinary people like us will put down jacket in winter, it is wrong to you, stars also wear a down jacket, not the LV, not Chanel, but the tide swept the world's top brand Moncler! from Madonna to Rihanna as well as first-line star in Europe and America, on Moncler have put it down!

50 years ago, two ski brand manufacturers met a ski athletes, three young men hit it off, to design a ski mountaineering expedition to the polar regions down jacket, the bold use of color, design novel, blockbuster to the world-famous Moncler long down jackets World.

Moncler has had an equivalent success in almost all the markets that it is operating in. But, what has helped it come to this stage where it stands big as one of the best known brands that anybody could think of. Especially, if the subject or theme of the dresses is going to be winter wear no other brand can give this brand a run for the money.

As in the original world famous brand of outdoor equipment, has now become world unmatched down the first wave of cards. From Madonna to Faye Wong, the stars of the Moncler put it down. Feather light, soft texture, delicate moldings, and a simple and stylish unique design, so Moncler's race by many sought after big-name stars, as they are essential in the winter must-have item.

Moncler can be described as the fashion scene this winter down fly, designers have tried their best to do, will shape the expansion of this material is not easy to develop a new look.

Men like women, though not on the stage like a feather cloak, and other fancy tassels down style, but also appeared leather down jacket, Moncler long down jackets or even a down suit uniform, many pleasing design. In short, are becoming the cold winter, fashion, men definitely have their own warm and modern both a policy of confrontation.

The leather jacket on the parcel down, regardless of fashion degrees, warm degrees are combined, the skill multiplier. Leather fabric also features rich textures of the blooming way, so that the whole is more stylish Moncler down jacket, with this season's hot suede sweaters, rugged means almost certain.

Moncler is a byword for fashionable outdoor sportswear. At the time when Moncler entered the fashion field with their down jackets a group of fashion followers called Paninari were the style gurus. They were the first to spot the unique feature of Moncler to offer quality as well as comfort.

There are fur trim down jacket is not surprising, but this season is obviously even more dense fur side of generosity, much of the fur decorative gift to make Down gorgeous atmosphere, warm and degree of visual profit greatly increased, with the popular camel knit cardigan, and then brown leather gloves to be dotted, the overall mix is full of warmth and fashion sense.