Sunday, 9 November 2014

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Since 2006, the clothes have to seize the big piece of cake down jacket, down jacket led to sluggish sales, the market a considerable backlog of inventory. At the time, "Doudoune Moncler down fashion" become a consensus, a last resort, so that those hands down jacket is not brain processing businesses are looking for break through the road.

Down to revive the fashion changed the bloated, self-cultivation season have a more stylish contours. Moncler outlet manual filling velvet jacket, 80% cashmere rate not only enhances the warm, high loft down jacket can make a thinner, breathable, with simple self-cultivation of the crop, and therefore more self-cultivation, while using non-uniform Feature Filling the way different parts have different charge and cashmere grams, activities of the various parts of the body more convenient freely. Men's down jacket when selected, appear to be more upright stature if you want, you can choose a simple stand-collar style.

In fact, the best is the warm goose down, followed by the duck. No significant difference between gray and white, but white fabric Moncler jackets for fill in light, the gray for dark fabrics, and the purchase prices for raw materials, the white cashmere relatively even more expensive.

Every autumn, the autumn series coats has not yet off the shelf, the winter coats has already started in full swing, "notice", Moncler down jacket is essential every time the protagonist. Careful consumers can be found in recent years, many fashion brands began to meddle down war, but also with popular styles, fabrics in particular, focus version of type and other advantages, snatched a lot of professional down jacket brand's business.

This winter, more modern and stylish Moncler down jacket feast is unfolding. Recent winter temperatures plummet to sell into the season, a lot of fashion brand sales down jacket is hot focus. Down this winter clothing can be said to be the popular trend and attract more people's attention. In a large mall, so many people who are buying Moncler down jacket said that in previous years, down jacket seems too bloated body, and she basically do not wear, and winter saw many wearing beautiful, stylish down jacket shines on the streets, she shines quite heart, so specifically to purchase.

Indeed, as shiny as patent leather fabric texture Doudoune Moncler, thin, waist, more feminine style, red, large purple, pink, light blue, light green variety is particularly eye-catching bright colors, in the winter, Down has become even more delicate and feminine, bold and stylish.

This is the most important step in the entire process of Moncler jackets'production. Tailored, in accordance with individual body, the most suitable size to sew a personal style. Sangduoliya chief fur designer Pingjie introduction, for the obese, a small pot prominent woman, with long, wide front of the fabric, making the same before and after the wear, general obesity, waist circumference was not obvious who, using the back of the fabric tightening, showing the kidney-shaped.